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What Is Affinity Giving?

"Affinity level giving" (tithing or sustainability) is a monthly donation to a spiritual organization of your choice. This organization might benefit you personally, or others, or the society in general. We ask you for your monthly giving to go to Psychic Horizons/Church of Natural Grace.

Regular giving is like the harmony of the universe, where throughout nature things work a certain way. One of the ways in which the universe works is according to the Law of Prosperity. Regular and systematic giving clears away that which tends to block free flow. It creates order. Withholding money tends to bind and limit.

Through "affinity level giving" a vacuum is created. You let go of money – then there is an empty space which needs to be filled. When we release our giving willingly and freely, we sow our seeds. We are made richer in giving, which is the paradox of regular giving (tithing) – and it may represent many times what was sown.

Psychic Horizons/Church of Natural Grace receives benefit from your "affinity level giving" by being able to continue teaching the concepts of integrated meditation and healing, as it has been since 1981. You benefit by giving freely, freeing up blocks in your life, and sowing seeds.

You will have surprises as a result of you regular giving:

1. You will be surprised at the amount of money you have for spiritually-based work;

2. You will be surprised at the deepening of your spiritual life;

3. You will be surprised at the ease with which you meet your own obligations;

4. You will be surprised that you may want to give more than your original commitment;

5. You will be surprised that "affinity level giving" prepares you for being a wise steward of the rest of your money;

6. You will be surprised that you did not adopt your giving plan sooner.